Many publishers questioned us which advertising platform they should use-Google AdX or Google AdSense? Both AdX and AdSense are run by Google. In this blog, we will closely discuss both platforms and try to tell you which platform is better for you to monetize your website.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is a self-managed platform for publishers who want to earn money with website monetization. After you get approved by AdSense, get the ad tag, place it on your website and start working. However, AdSense often seems more beneficial to advertisers than publishers.

Publishers using AdSense cannot set a floor price, which means they wouldn’t utilize their ad inventory.

How to get started with AdSense?

To get started with AdSense you just need to sign up. After signing up, wait for AdSense to approve your website. If your website meets all AdSense requirements, it will be approved and granted permission to display ads.

After approval simply copy the ad tags and place them on your website to display ads. AdSense manages everything for publishers from ads placement to payment.

AdSense payment

Google AdSense pays monthly to publishers. If publishers have reached the minimum payment threshold, the payment would be initiated. AdSense issues your payment between the 21st and the 26th of the month.

What is AdX?

Google AdX aka Google Ad Exchange is a premium or better version of AdSense. It is an ad exchange that brings advertisers, publishers, and agencies together. AdX allows publishers to sell their inventory through real-time biddings, private auctions, and preferred deals. This results in more competition that means higher CPM and higher revenue for publishers.

How to get started with AdX?

AdX is not open for every publisher. It requires 5 million monthly pageviews along with other eligibility criteria. Publishers also need to have a Google Ad Manager account for AdX. Because of the quality publishers, brands and advertisers run their campaigns on AdX which provides the opportunity to publishers to earn more.

However, publishers who are not eligible can also get access to AdX through a Google partner, for instance, Adbros360. We provide access to AdX to our publishers and help them optimize ads and revenue and prevent them from any violations.

AdX payment

In AdX, once the minimum threshold is met, the payment is done by the end of the next month. This means if you reach your payment threshold in February, your payment will be done before the end of March.

What should publishers choose?

AdSense is the largest ad network for small and medium publishers. It’s simple to get started with AdSense. Publishers with fewer pageviews, who don’t have much technical knowledge should choose AdSense.

Large publishers with high page views, who can manage all these ads monetization and placements. Publishers who want to generate more revenue should choose AdX.

Managing AdX is slightly complicated and a headache for publishers. Let us manage your ad inventory. Our expert team will help you in optimizing your ad revenue and prevent you from any violations. Sign up now!