Most of the publishers who monetize their websites and earn from display ads are worried about their payments. Different publishers belong to different countries which have different rules and policies. Publishers search those ad networks that have payment methods that are suitable for them. This is the reason we introduce bitcoin as our payment method.

But why the need for bitcoin in the first place, when there are a number of traditional ways of making payments. A key factor of bitcoin is its decentralized status, this means that it is not controlled by any central authority. This differentiates it from fiat currencies. The other advantage of using bitcoin as a payment method is lower transaction fees from conventional payment systems.

Adbros360 payment methods

Adbros360 always tries in making the process of ads monetization simple for publishers. Hence, we introduce bitcoin as a payment method to provide more leverage to our publishers. Following are payment methods that we supported:

Bank Transfer



Publishers can select their suitable payment method in their dedicated dashboard. Our minimum payout is $100. Publishers get paid in net 50 days.

Now you are done with payment methods it’s time to maximize your revenue. Sign up now!